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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Old dental fillings and oral problems should not be the reason that you won’t smile. When a tooth has decayed, chipped, or has discoloration, it can still be reshaped, repaired, and restored through a simple and safe dental procedure known as cosmetic dental bonding. Dental Bonding is a cosmetic filling material that is used to repair decayed teeth, replace old amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings and fix chipped or broken front teeth.

The procedure is indicated to close spaces or gaps in between teeth; restore chipped and discolored teeth due to decay and cavities; fix the length of the tooth to match the other teeth; change the shape of the teeth; and prevent oral pains caused by exposed gums and roots. Dental bondings for crooked teeth is also a popular treatment option.

Dental Bondings – The Procedure Explained

Dental bonding is an easy and affordable procedure which will require just one visit to the dentist. The procedure will normally take 30 to 60 minutes depending on the dental work needed. The dentist will usually advise you how long the procedure will take during the initial checkup. You can have the procedure done right away during your dental visit.

The actual procedure is minimally invasive in comparison to other dental procedures and anesthesia may or may not be required.  The tooth will be prepared and isolated followed by a composite resin used as the bonding agent to adhere the bonding material to the tooth. The color of the bonding material will depend on matching the color of your teeth. Using a shade guide, the dentist will try different resins to ensure that it will match your teeth flawlessly.  After making sure it is hard enough, it will be further shaped, smoothed and polished. The dentist will make sure that you will not have any biting or chewing problem with the newly bonded tooth. At this point, the procedure is done and leaves our patients smiling about their results.

Dental Bondings for Crooked Teeth

Dental bonding has the following benefits:

  • It is one of the easiest dental procedures. In just a matter of 30 to 60 minutes, your tooth can be repaired.
  • It only requires a single dentist visit.
  • It is affordable compared to other dental procedures.
  • It is less invasive and requires no anesthesia injection.
  • Dental bondings for crooked teeth is an easy solution for a beautiful smile!
  • It removes the least amount of tooth enamel during the etching process.
  • It repairs decayed teeth and receding gums which can lead to other dental problems such as oral pain.
  • It restores confidence and your smile.

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