periodontal cleaning
Periodontal Exam

At every dental cleaning, we are doing some type of periodontal exam.  There are many things to look at and each item is important.  There are times where we will measure the pocket depth of the gums. We look at the color of the gum, see if there is any inflammation or if there is any bleeding.  We will look at gum recession, which is when the periodontal tissue moves away from the body of the tooth exposing tooth root surfaces.  These are all signs of possible periodontal issues that need to be diagnosed at least twice a year during the dental cleaning and checkup.

Periodontics is the part of dentistry that focuses on the gums and bone that support the teeth.  It covers prevention, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease whic is commonly called gum disease.  The gum tissue protects the bone and when that gums are having an issue, so can the bone.  Now the bones are what hold the teeth in place and keep them sturdy to help us eat and bite.  This is why making sure the gums are healthy is very important.  We want to steer clear of periodontal disease as it can cause bone loss that can then result in tooth loss.  This is why the periodontal exams and treatment are so important.

Periodontal Disease

Some form of periodontal disease affects half of Americans today and although it can affect patients of almost any age, the chances of developing this disease increases with the age of the patient.  Many times there are links to other issues going on in the body when gum disease is present.  The bacteria present in some forms of periodontal disease can also be found in heart disease.  Additionally, gum disease in Diabetic patients is extremely high and should always be monitored.  Because our staff is highly trained in the process of diagnosing, treating, and preventing periodontal disease and periodontics you can feel at ease and confident about the health of your gums and teeth when you see us regularly.

Periodontal Treatment Options

Our dentists have been trained to help you as a patient to prevent gum disease and with treatment if it has been found. We help to treat and care for your mouth at all stages and to reduce the risk as much as possible. In all stages from inflammation of the gums to really severe gum disease, a good and well thought out plan for treating your mouth can be the difference between losing and keeping your teeth.

Since no one is the same, all cases will get a thorough examination.  By utilizing and using the latest technology, our diagnosing and treatment process starts as early as possible. In many cases we can treat the issue at our office.  Many times our treatments are done in the most effective way to minimise recurrence.  

We are more than happy to help answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We would love for you to come in for an appointment to sit down and assess the situation. If there is any treatment or procedures needed, they will all be discussed with you thoroughly.

Speak with our dentists to see what is right for you. Periodontics dentistry can also lead to the placement of dental implants in order to manage periodontal disease and other situations.