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Inlay and Onlay Porcelain Restorations

When a tooth has a large defective filling or has even had some kind of damage or decay done by trauma then an Inlay or Onlay porcelain restoration should be done. They are an ideal alternative to the traditional silver or composite fillings. They are actually more conservative than crowns because less of the tooth structure is removed in preparation. Inlay and Onlay Restorations are lab made restorations that are made from Porcelain as it is more cosmetic and very strong to withstand the biting forces.  The difference between an Inlay and an Onlay is what part of the tooth it is replacing.  Onlays replace the “peaks and valleys” of a tooth while the Inlay fills in the “valleys” of the tooth.  Additionally when decay stretches far below the gum line, these restorations are called for to be sure the proper contours of the tooth are maintained allowing for better healing and functioning of the tooth.  These types of porcelain fillings typically last longer and are more esthetically pleasing to people. Although they are durable, they are not always permanent and may need a replacement in time.

Reasons for an Inlay or Onlay Porcelain Restoration
  1. Large fillings
  2. Cosmetic enhancement.
  3. Teeth that have decay.
  4. Old fillings that are fractured.
  5. Fractured or broken teeth
Inlay and Onlay Porcelain Restoration Procedure

For these types of restorations, it usually takes two appointments to get everything completed and corrected. The initial appointment will be for preparing the teeth, taking measurements and highly accurate impressions.  Afterwards the tooth will be temporized allowing it to begin healing.  The custom porcelain restoration will be fabricated in the lab and the cemented in on the second visit.  Adjustments will be made for proper healing and patient comfort.  Once completed, the tooth will be restored to its ideal cosmetic form and function.  The dentist will then give you care instructions and good oral hygiene instructions in order help maintain your new Porcelain Inlay or Onlay.  A proper diet and regular dental visits for cleaning and checkups will ensure good overall dental hygiene and longevity of your smile.  Let Artista Dental Studio help you achieve the smile you always wanted.  Make an appointment and meet our team.